Media Client List and Sample Articles

Byline: Helene Epstein - Why It’s So Easy for Doctors to Misdiagnose Kids Getting it right is that much harder when patients don’t know the words to describe what they’re feeling.

Byline: H. M. Epstein

Examiner.comNational Parenting in Politics column For this column, I identified national trends and policies that impact parents and families, explained what happened and what it means. [NOTE: Examiner closed]

Want a healthy pregnancy? In these states, cross your legs and cross the border 

More kids hospitalized from serious abuse than previously reported 

How the 'Single Mother Factor' was responsible for Obama's win 

New study reveals the 7 best ways to keep your teens from drinking 

Why social media can affect your daily life, especially if you’re not part of it 

Are your child's civil rights being bashed because your school needs more cash?

Three reasons why presidential election results may be delayed 

Connecticut toughens an underage drinking law 

Abortion the top issue for women voters in swing states 

Three new autism research surprises in a season of surprises (Video) 

National convention platforms pose stark choice for parents 

Analysis: Romney’s VP choices on education 

Weston Magazine Group:

New York: Tribeca Magazine, The Upper East Side Magazine , Central Park West Magazine, Rye Magazine, Westchester Country Capitalist Magazine, Hamptons Country Capitalist Magazine

Connecticut: Weston Magazine, Westport Country Capitalist Magazine, Greenwich Country Capitalist Magazine, New Canaan Country Capitalist Magazine

When Being Too Social is Anti-Social

What parents need to know about the new controversial Social Host Laws in the metro-New York area and how to protect their family members from being charged.

Three steps to a successful Social Host Ordinance

Prevent Social Hosting: Four steps to enlist your kids

Where do kids get their alcohol?

What to do if you find teens drinking in your home

Hadassah Magazine:

Choice and the Chosen: Conversion in America

Conversion in America has become a lightning-rod issue provoking intense, often emotional, responses about the essence of Judaism and religious identity.

Westchester Magazine:

A Parent’s Nightmare

What would you do if you found your basement filled with drunken teens? This in-depth article looks at the issues surrounding underage drinking and the law, from the point-of-view of the police, parents, parenting and legal experts and one respected couple whose New Year began in handcuffs.

What a Difference a Day Spa Makes [Cover Story]

The toughest job you’ll ever love? Visiting 17 new day spas in 20 days and getting treatments at every one. I was exfoliated within an inch of my life, but loved every minute.

Shear Artists

I was having a bad hair day. However, I was loath to commute to Manhattan – again – for my over-priced stylist and her Greek chorus of assistants. Cappuccino and a neck massage weren’t going to assuage the stress of running for the train to beat the school bus home. There must be good hairstylists in this county.

Four Closets
Inside Story

If you really want to get to know someone, don’t walk a mile in her shoes. Instead, spend 90 minutes interviewing her in her closet

Westchester Home

Divine Design: 10 homes and the creative forces behind them 

The journey to create a truly beautiful home begins long before the architect is hired; it starts in childhood. Architecture requires both art and science, drawing and math, three-dimensional design and limitless imagination. That’s why architects are born, not made. 

Living on Sunshine

Meet the Bluestones. A Croton-on-Hudson couple designs an energy-efficient home back when most of us thought “carbon footprint” had something to do with fossil dating.

Home Tudoring

A Chappaqua Tudor’s ingenious design both protects the owners’ privacy while it supports frequent entertaining.

Art by the Yard

Who needs framed artwork when you can have Carolyn Ray’s luxurious, hand-painted wallcoverings wrapped around your room?

Westchester Weddings

The Jewish Chronicle

Byline: Helene Kalmanson

Ad Week

New Business Advisor

Monthly “New Business Advisor” column in Ad Week - a national trade publication for the advertising industry.

Call to attention

Cold shoulder

One of the Above

Ad Business Report

New Business Tactics For the Recession

In 1991, we had an Iraqi war, a recession and a high rate of business and new product failures. Amazingly, the advice in this column still works. I wrote often for Ad Business Report, a highly valued, subscription-only newsletter for advertising executives.

Inside Media

Media Strategy

Top Media Directors talk about their roles in New Business Development.

Advertising Age

When to Say No

Ad agencies suffer from Ado Annie disease when it comes to pursuing New Business opportunities. This column offered an alternative. In the pre-digital age, everyone in the ad business would grab their copy of Ad Age first thing Monday morning and read it cover to cover. I was honored they chose me to write my first column for them. I was even more honored when I got paid.